Modern covid realities have plunged the world into a state of complete uncertainty. So it became even more important to preserve the team and corporate culture.
Online corporate event
  • Preserve the corporate traditions of the holidays.
  • Unite people in a new exciting format and give them unforgettable emotions.
  • Take care of the safety of employees.
  • Save the budget and prevent it from the risks of event cancellation due to the epidemiological situation.
Online corporate is the perfect solution, because you can:

We offer:

  • 1
    Fully online and hybrid solutions for corporate events
  • 2
    Inviting any artist and blogger
  • 3
    Ready-made creative solutions created jointly with the directors of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater
  • 4
    A large selection of partner sites for shooting content and broadcasting
  • 5
    The ability to connect an unlimited number of employees in the Zoom-tribune format
New Year's online corporate
party with the show "Bingo"
In 2020 together with the theater company "Impresario" of Fedor Elyutin, we held large-scale New Year's online corporate parties including performances of artists as well as Bingo games for such companies as VTB, V Confession, Ferrero etc.