Impress the audience with the limitless possibilities of technology
A hologram is an opportunity to create an additional WOW-effect of your event both offline and online.

Transfer your speaker or artist from anywhere in the world to the platform with our help. Lookport will provide everything you need:
  • shooting a hologram in a chromakey studio
  • the ability to broadcast a hologram live
  • the development of additional graphics and effects for the appearance of a hologram
  • highly reflective projection canvases for a hologram
  • the ability to shoot and broadcast from anywhere in the world
We have boundless scope for creativity and the most modern technologies. This means that the audience will get an unforgettable interactive experience. They will talk about your event.
Big Baby Tape x Kizaru. Presentation of the album "Bandana I"
Online broadcast of the joint concert of Kizaru and Big Baby Tape with the presentation of the new album "Bandana I". The show took place in the format of a full-fledged trap performance using advanced digital technologies — instead of Kizaru, who was physically located and worked in Barcelona, his hologram performed on stage.