The unique technology for displaying an unlimited number of viewers on screens and live
360 VR broadcasts — new opportunities and angles for your event.
Thanks to the director of the online broadcast, the audience of your event can see it from the most successful and beautiful angles, getting the effect of presence. But what if viewers want to see even more and choose their own viewpoint? Such an opportunity will be provided by the VR broadcast format. And we, the Lookport team, will be able to provide it.
  • we will make multi-camera shooting BY using professional cameras Insta 360 Pro 2
  • If necessary, we can install cameras on the drone
  • and provide a special solution for VR broadcast
  • the ability to watch the broadcast on a laptop, smartphone and in VR glasses
We have boundless scope for creativity and the most modern technologies. This means that the audience will get an unforgettable interactive experience. They will talk about your event.
Hybrid (online+offline) show "Look"
VR concert
in the stores "re:store"
Elena Temnikova
Elena Temnikova's VR Tour
2D and 360VR broadcast
Broadcast of the solo concert "Feel! Dance!"
HSE University
VR-broadcasting lectures at the HSE
Fashion show in Paris
Virtual show in VR for the anniversary of the album "Точно Ртуть Алоэ"
360VR-broadcast of the award ceremony