A Virtual Concert to protect the world's last great wildernesses.
June 2021

The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, Antarctica 2021, Ocean Unite, Only One, The Pew Charitable Trusts, and SeaLegacy are honoured to invite you to be part of a line-up of performers from around the world for a ground breaking virtual concert to ensure the greatest act of ocean protection in history, in Antarctica's Southern Ocean.

We invite you to lend your voice for a not for profit virtual concert, together with other musicians and ocean advocates to raise awareness of the public on the need to protect this amazing place and with the support of this wider public of music and nature lovers we can achieve the largest act of environmental protection.

The concert will use new never shown before technology, that allows artists to appear as if they are performing on an iceberg in Antarctica.

It will be streamed as live via Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live & Lookport and be widely promoted across social and media channels. The partners alone have a combined following of over tens to hundreds of millions. This will be supported by a global media push in the weeks and days leading up to the concert.

The concert will be hosted by Ashlan Cousteau, journalist, explorer and ocean advocate and Danni Washington, TV host and ocean advocate.

Artists from different music genres will be invited from countries that play a key role in ensuring the protection of Antarctica: Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, UK and US.

Example of animated Antarctic background

Lookport showreel

In 2021 global leaders have the chance to safeguard nearly 4 million square kilometres of the Southern Ocean. The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) will meet to decide on protecting three large areas in the Antarctic Peninsula, Weddell Sea, and the waters off East Antarctica.

Although these proposals enjoy wide support, some nations continue to delay action. For this reason, we have launched a petition calling on world leaders to protect these areas before it is too late.

Please join the fight to protect one of the world's last great wildernesses.
We will create a virtual Antarctica and teleport the South Pole directly into the homes of millions of viewers to raise awareness of this amazing place and to increase the pressure on world leaders to take action to protect it. Virtual Reality-streaming platform Lookport is in charge of technical production for the Antarctica VR concert.

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Lookport has extensive experience in creating virtual concerts and online events with the world's largest artists.